AVG AntiVirus FREE Changelog

AVG AntiVirus Free Changelog Free Changelog
AVG AntiVirus FREE Changelog

What's New in AVG FREE version 19.1.3075:

New Features:
  • Speed! Users of 64-bit Windows should now see faster PC startup and scan times.
  • Automagic! After purchasing another AVG product from within your antivirus, the new product will now be installed and activated automatically — no activation code needed.
  • Security! Our Firewall’s network detection is now better than ever.

What was fixed:
  • Firewall now runs properly (without a PC restart) for those who’ve upgraded from AVG AntiVirus FREE
  • Fixed improper arrangement in our Web Shield detection (threat type and URL were switched)
  • Fixed a problem with red dashboard status and our ‘Fix now’ button

What's New in AVG FREE version 18.6.3956 Beta:

What was fixed:
  • Fixed occasional DNS resolve time-outs
  • Fixed issues with loading of sites using EV certificate
  • DND mode - 'new app added' toaster does not appear in some cases
  • Fixed reading available licenses for MyAVG section
  • Fixed sending client parameters after service restart
  • Fixed waiting for internet connection instead of just network before doing license operations

What's New in AVG FREE version 18.6.3952 Beta:

New Features:
  • DND mode - app detection based on internal DB is active after app goes to fullscreen
  • Improved compatibility between Do not Disturb mode and the MS Windows Notification Center (MS Windows 10)
What was fixed:
  • DND mode - working correctly in Firefox
  • DND mode - detection based fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed service start delay when no internet connection is available
  • crashing of Antivirus service when updating existing license for Password Protection product
  • DND mode - fixed blocking from Windows Notification Center
  • crash of Antivirus service on Windows 10 RS5 and compatibility with its Edge browser
  • not displaying confirmation dialog related to disabling the Webcam shield and Sensitive Data Shield components
  • crashing reporting to Windows Security Center under some circumstances
  • Fixed HNS (WiFi Inspector) related BSOD
  • conflict when handling UDP packets (mainly by Fake Website Shield component) modified by 3rd party products.

What's New in AVG FREE version 18.5.3059 Beta:
  • Fixed - reporting of disabled shields in tray
  • Fixed - crashes

What's New in AVG FREE version 18.5.3058 Beta:

What's new:
  • Added 'restore as' option to virus chest
  • UI should not be started after update or restart until AV service is running (this should prevent the UI 'service is not running' state)
  • New download mechanism for installation and update files
  • New EULA

What was fixed:
  • Fixed - Icon is not deleted after uninstall AVG business
  • Fixed - not running scheduled scans
  • Fixed turning on/off protection from tray icon
  • Fixed wrong reporting status of Firewall in UI
  • BSOD fixes, crash fixes
  • Fixed reporting of Firewall state to Windows Defender Security Center
  • Fixed - Hacker component inactive
  • Fixed - not running AV service after enabling passive mode
  • Fixed - Missing text in passive mode enabling/disabling dialogue

What's New in AVG FREE version 18.4.3055 Beta:
What was fixed:
  • GDPR compliance: added new options in Privacy section in General Settings ( paid programs)
  • Sensitive Data Shield:
  • shield is now enabled even after program update
  • other minor changes and fixes

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